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Expert Power Deep Cycle Battery Review

Expert Power Marine Battery

When considering a new battery there are many brands and types to choose from and all of them promise to hold a charge better than all others. One of the newest on the market is the Expert Power battery. It is also gaining recognition for being one of the best. To learn more about whether it is the right choice for you; read our Expert Power Deep Cycle Battery review.

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What Is the Expert Battery Used For?

The ExpertPower marine battery is designed for use in any type of motorized boat. They are sealed batteries so there is no risk of spilling out with the vibration that boats, jet skis, and other watercraft may incur. They come in two different sizes ensuring that there is a sealed AGM battery available in your required size. They are not impacted by extreme temperatures and offer ample battery capacity so that you do not have to worry about being out on the water with a dead battery.

How Does the ExpertPower Marine Battery Compare?

If you are curious about how the Expert battery compares to other popular battery brands, like the Optima Blue Top, they are both sealed batteries and both available in a variety of sizes to meet your particular needs. Their weight is about the same. However, the Expert Marine is quite a bit cheaper. The Optima states that it has a reserve of 2 hours, the Expert claims to be reliable for as much as 10 hours. With that being said, there are still people who will always prefer the name brand type of battery and no one can deny that the Optima Blue Top is very popular. It all boils down to your personal preferences and your willingness to spend more for a name brand.

In order to help you make the big decision on which Expert Power battery you want to try out, we encourage you to take a look at two of your options below.

ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

Expert Power Marine BatteryThis battery replaces the 34Ah, 35Ah, and 36Ah battery. They are one of the most trusted batteries available and promises to hold a 10-hour charge. It is an AGM battery that can handle a wide temperature range. It is built ruggedly making it ideal for many different uses. 


ExpertPower 12 Volt 20 Ah Battery

20 AH ExpertPower Marine BatteryThis battery has threaded B1 terminals. It has an overall rating of 4.6-stars after numerous reviews. It is an AGM battery that is built to last through all seasons, no matter what application you have installed on.

ACDelco Marine Battery Review

AC Delco Voyager Marine Battery

ACDelco is one of the most popular battery brands. More commonly an automotive battery company, will these function in marine applications? To answer, read our in-depth ACDelco marine battery review.

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Is the ACDelco Marine A Maintainer?

AC Delco Marine Battery ReviewWe get the question a lot whether ACDelco marine battery is a maintainer or not, you must understand that a maintainer is a charger, not the battery. Although a seemingly obvious answer, this is a very common question. If you want a battery that is able to handle a lot of abuse or downtime when not in use; the Delco marine battery is more than capable. It means that you can leave it off the charger for an extended period of time, without having to worry about having a trickle charger attached to it. This is better than having to worry about charging your battery when you know that you will not be going out on the water for another couple weeks or even months. This is a valid concern with other batteries that do not have a long, maintenance free shelf life.

Is The ACDelco Marine Battery Worth It?

With a Delco marine starter battery, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You will find a long shelf life and ample starting power, even after repeated starts. This makes the ACDelco brand battery very much worth the money as it means that you will not have to replace your battery as often. To give you a better idea of the batteries that are available you should read the individual reviews below.

ACDelco Professional AGM Voyager Battery

AC Delco Voyager Marine BatteryThe Delco voyager marine battery is a maintenance free battery that will never spill or leak. It gives you deep cycle performance and higher cranking amps than you may expect. It also has a lower self-discharge rate than other batteries so that you are not going to lose your charge during off season periods as quickly as other batteries.


ACDelco Specialty AGM Powersports Battery

AC Delco Power Sport Marine BatteryThis battery is ideal for jet skis and other smaller motorized vehicles, but it does have a long shelf life in comparison to other small batteries. It is spill proof and you will not have to worry about water loss. It is completely maintenance free.


ACDelco Professional AGM Heavy Duty

ACDelco Heavy Duty Marine BatteryThis battery has the vibration protection as other batteries and two times a greater cycling and protection against the heavy strain that comes from frequent startups. It can also hold a charge if you go without firing it up for a long period of time. If it does lose its charge, it will recharge faster than standard flooded batteries and it is puncture resistant.

Exide Marine Battery Review

Exide Marine Battery

A solid battery can make the difference between a successful voyage or being stranded. That is why many people stick with brands they can trust when it comes to the battery in their boat, whether they have a trolling motor to power or just a motor needing cranking.

Exide Technology, the company behind Exide batteries, has been in the business of providing quality products for more than 120 years. This makes them a name you can trust when it comes to a battery that can meet and exceed your specific needs, whether you are powering a boat or a car.Comparison Chart

Power House
Cranking Amps: 925+CCA
Volts: 12V
Reserve Capacity: 200
Rating: 4.0
Price: $$$
Best Use: Heavy Loads & Extreme Vibrations
Budget Friendly
Cranking Amps: 775
Volts: 12V
Reserve Capacity: 145
Rating: 4.3
Price: $$
Best Use: Moderate Load Marine Use


Exide Battery Features

Exide has a variety of batteries available to fit every individual’s needs. This leads people to ask, “Are Exide batteries good?” For you to fully understand the quality behind their batteries and discover for yourself what they are all about, you need to see what they have to offer. If you look at one single battery, the Exide Edge, you will find a flat plate AGM marine battery that is sealed, but there is more to it than that.

Exide Edge Dual Purpose

The Edge has 775 cold cranking amps (CCA) and up to 145 minutes of reserve so that you can operate all of your onboard accessories without worrying whether your battery will be able to crank your boat or not. Because of the way it is sealed, it qualifies as a spill proof marine battery . It is made using SureLife Graphite Technology which maximizes its energy capacity.

Exide Marine Battery

The battery itself is 50 pounds. Its dimensions are 10.2”x6.8”x8.6”. This means that it should fit on virtually anything that needs battery power, but it is intended for use as a marine battery. Though there are hookups for vehicles or RV use as well.

All Exide batteries are covered by a limited warranty for a set amount of time from the date of purchase. This will protect you against total battery failures. However, the Exide battery warranty will not cover you if your battery has simply lost a charge due to excessive use without charging, which often is caused by running your accessories without running your boat to recharge it.


Megacycle by EXIDEThis is an AGM-200 sealed flat plate battery. The seal is so reliable that many people charge it inside or use it as a power supply for their solar panels. This means it is impossible to spill out no matter how much vibration you put it through. It is also able to handle a heavy load usage because of the absorbed glass mat separator, which is engineered for optimal recombination rates. It is a feature that also prevents cell dry-out and superior compression. It has dual terminals and a 200-minute reserve capacity. It has 83aH.

If you like the power to crank up all of your electronics at once, you will be happy to know that this battery has 925 CCA at 0 degrees. At 32 degrees, you will discover that it has up to 1110 CA. It is also backed by a full 24-month free replacement warranty from the date you purchase it.

The MEGACYCLE is big on power, but it is also big in size. It measures in larger than many other batteries and weighs nearly 75-pounds. This is a little large for some people, but for those who want power, it will be a great thing and well worth the extra size.

Megacycle Top View Of Battery

Which Is Better?

As you look at Exide batteries, you will discover that each one is unique. One popular choice for people who want extreme amounts of power is the Exide MEGACYCLE. It is slightly more expensive than the Edge and most people are curious about how the two compare.

As you look at these two batteries, one of the first things you may notice is the amount of CCA each one has. The MEGACYCLE offers an impressive 925 CCA which is much higher than the Edge’s 775 CCA even if you do not take into consideration the starting amps during warmer weather situations. The reserve power capacity is also higher on the MEGACYCLE by nearly an hour.

The MEGACYCLE is also designed for extreme vibration and high cycling operations. The Edge is also able to hold up against vibration, but it is mostly designed to handle heavy loads.

Most owners say that the Edge is well built and although smaller than some batteries; it is still a heavy choice in a battery. With the MEGACYCLE, most people say that it performs better than they ever expected. They use words like “powerhouse” and say that it has power to spare. However, if you do not like weight or size, the Edge is still perhaps your best choice. It weighs in at only 50 pounds, whereas the other weighs in at approximately 75 pounds. The Edge is also smaller in size by about 5 inches since the MEGACYCLE measures 15.7 x 13.9 x 9.8 inches.

Choose the Best for Your Boat

If you want extreme power, you will want to use the MEGACYCLE. It will be worth the price if you spend a little to have access to the extra power reserve that it has to offer. However, if you are in a position where your boat does not require an abundance of power or you are limited on space; the Edge may be more usable for you. You will have to consider everything to make the best decision for you.

What Makes The Exide Edge Different?

If you look at other AGM battery reviews you will find a lot of features that make them less reliable or less appealing than the Exide battery. One major difference is that the Exide battery price is substantially cheaper than other AGM marine battery types. Other batteries that claim to be quality marine batteries may not offer dual hookups for automobiles, they may not have the cold cranking amps, and they may not be fully spill proof. Yet, many competitor batteries are still more expensive than the Exide marine batteries. Why would you choose to pay more money for a battery that you could have spent less on and perhaps get more? Find Out How Cheap Exide Marine Batteries Are⇒

More Exide Marine Battery Options:

West Marine Dual Purpose AGM Review

Dual Purpose AGM Battery

Having a dual purpose battery is the most practical purchase that you have done or will have to do to upgrade your marine battery. Dual purpose batteries are ideal for vehicles that require deep cycle service and at the same time start engines. They deliver powerful crank ampere for you to easily start your engine and low ampere for reliable auxiliary power, such as a trolling motor. This is the perfect compromise between the two batteries.

An ideal purchase is a deep cycle battery for the accessories and auxiliary power and a starting battery for the engine starter. But with a Dual Purpose AGM Battery, you only need one battery for starting and auxiliary. This type of technology in batteries is not just practical but also make life simpler for the boat enthusiast.

Dual-Purpose AGM Batteries Explained

There are different sizes of reliable Dual Purpose AGM Batteries which are good for your boats depending on the need. Different types of batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. For this type of battery here are the advantages.Dual Purpose AGM Battery


  • Maintenance free  The battery is practically maintenance free. Maintenance free means that you still have to clean and check the terminals every now and then for corrosion. No battery is free from corrosion even if it is maintenance free. You do not have to check the level of distilled water on the dual purpose battery since it is AGM type.
  • Low Self Discharge rate – good thing about this type of battery is that you can store it during the winter and will not discharge fast. Or like what most of us do is keep it in the boats. It will discharge but only about 1% – 3% a month. This is a good thing especially if you cannot check on your boat regularly.
  • The battery charges quickly – since it is for deep cycle and for starting, charging is not a problem. You can reach 100% charge capacity lesser than regular flooded batteries.
  • Spill proof – it is one of the safest batteries to use for marine. It doesn’t spill and is safer to operate. Dual purpose batteries were originally designed as flooded batteries back in the days but now we are fortunate to have dual purpose AGM batteries.
  • Resistant to vibration damage – the battery case is built tough and can resist the biggest waves and engine vibration and trolling motor usuage.
  • Can be installed in almost any position (except upside down) – this unique capability of the battery makes it truly one of a kind battery for big or small boats.

Why Buy An AGM Battery

When it comes to the best marine batteries, there are a ton of choices to choose from. You have the flooded batteries, the gel batteries, the AGM batteries. You have batteries for marine starting or deep cycle service. And of course the dual purpose battery. They have their own merits, but is the dual purpose AGM battery actually a good choice?

When choosing a battery for your boat the dual purpose battery is best for small and medium sized boats. It is also recommended for caravans with moderate energy requirements. The reason why you would want to buy a dual purpose battery is that you will be charging and discharging it more often than usual. For example, if you have a sailboat that you need to start but at the same time you use other auxiliary power while the boat engine is off, you discharge the battery. With this type of battery, you won’t worry about not being able to start your engine while in the middle of nowhere. Even if battery is used for TV, stereo lights and other electronic devices while the engine is off, you will still be able to start your engine.

If you have a dual purpose AGM battery you can deep cycle the batteries again and again without taking heavy damage because it is designed to deep cycle again and again and again. If you notice, your average dual purpose AGM battery is heavier than flooded batteries because it has more lead. And more lead means more capacity. It can cycle up to about 400 times.

Back in 2008 you could only purchase flooded dual purpose batteries. They were quite expensive back then. If you want what’s best for your boat you can now purchase a dual purpose AGM battery. As we have already said, AGM batteries are far better than flooded batteries for marine use. So, having a dual purpose AGM battery is probably one of the best purchases for your boat.

Since dual purpose batteries nowadays are AGM instead of flooded, their life expectancy is longer and capacity is bigger. This means you get more out of your money.

Different types of Dual Purpose AGM Batteries

Here are different types of Dual Purpose AGM batteries available in the market. Most notable difference in the batteries is their size and AMP hours. Choose a dual purpose battery according to your boat’s specification.

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  1. Group 24 Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery, 12V, 79 AMP Hours, 9 7/8″H x 10 7/8″L x 6 3/4″W, 53 lb.
  2. Group 27 Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery, 12V, 92 AMP Hours, 9 7/8″H x 12 3/4″L x 6 3/4″W, 63 lb.
  3. Group 31 Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries, 12V, 105 AMP Hours, 9 3/8″H x 12 15/16″L x 6 3/4″W, 69 lb.
  4. Group 4D Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries, 12V, 198 AM Hours, 10 1/8″H x 20 3/4″L x 8 1/2″W, 131 lb.
  5. Group 8D Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries, 12V, 245 AMP Hours, 10″H x 20 3/4″L x 11″W, 161 lb.
  6. Group 6V Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries, 6V,190 AMP Hours, 10 7/8″H x 10 1/4″L x 7 1/8″W, 70 lb.
  7. Group U-1 Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery, 12V, 32 AMP Hours, 7 1/2″H x 8 5/16″L x 5 1/8″W, 24 lb.