Exide Marine Battery Review

A solid battery can make the difference between a successful voyage or being stranded. That is why many people stick with brands they can trust when it comes to the battery in their boat, whether they have a trolling motor to power or just a motor needing cranking.

Exide Technology, the company behind Exide batteries, has been in the business of providing quality products for more than 120 years. This makes them a name you can trust when it comes to a battery that can meet and exceed your specific needs, whether you are powering a boat or a car.

Exide Battery Features

Exide has a variety of batteries available to fit every individual’s needs. This leads people to ask, “Are Exide batteries good?” For you to fully understand the quality behind their batteries and discover for yourself what they are all about, you need to see what they have to offer. If you look at one single battery, the Exide Edge, you will find a flat plate AGM marine battery that is sealed, but there is more to it than that.

The Edge has 775 cold cranking amps (CCA) and up to 145 minutes of reserve so that you can operate all of your onboard accessories without worrying whether your battery will be able to crank your boat or not. Because of the way it is sealed, it qualifies as a spill proof marine battery . It is made using SureLife Graphite Technology which maximizes its energy capacity.

Exide Marine Battery

The battery itself is 50 pounds. Its dimensions are 10.2”x6.8”x8.6”. This means that it should fit on virtually anything that needs battery power, but it is intended for use as a marine battery. Though there are hookups for vehicles or RV use as well.

All Exide batteries are covered by a limited warranty for a set amount of time from the date of purchase. This will protect you against total battery failures. However, the Exide battery warranty will not cover you if your battery has simply lost a charge due to excessive use without charging, which often is caused by running your accessories without running your boat to recharge it.

What Makes The Exide Edge Different?

If you look at other AGM battery reviews you will find a lot of features that make them less reliable or less appealing than the Exide battery. One major difference is that the Exide battery price is substantially cheaper than other AGM marine battery types. Other batteries that claim to be quality marine batteries may not offer dual hookups for automobiles, they may not have the cold cranking amps, and they may not be fully spill proof. Yet, many competitor batteries are still more expensive than the Exide marine batteries. Why would you choose to pay more money for a battery that you could have spent less on and perhaps get more? Find Out How Cheap Exide Marine Batteries Are⇒

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