3 Bank Marine Battery Charger

Are you tired of getting yourself ready to go fishing and then discovering that your boat battery is dead? Even worse, perhaps you have found yourself out on your boat and then you end up with a dead battery and no way to get it charged enough to get you home. Either of these situations is possible for the average boater. Those who have been caught before know that a 3 bank marine battery charger can make all the difference.

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What Is a 3 Bank Marine Battery Charger?

This type of charger keeps power within easy reach. Charging is easy and it works off of a simple 110 volt household plug in. Simply plug in the deep cycle marine battery charger and it will begin to fill up all three banks. As one reaches a full charge, it automatically stops charging it and continues on to the other two. If you leave it on charge at all times, it will turn off the charge when all three banks are full. If batteries are used and begins to lose charge, more power will trickle in to fill it back up. In the end, it is the easy way to ensure you are never left without a full charge again.

How It Is Different from Portable Marine Battery Chargers

Most portable marine battery chargers on the market have a single bank for a single charge. These must be taken out of the garage (or wherever it is being stored), connected to the batteries and then plugged in. The three bank charger is permanently installed, requiring only a 110V outlet to begin charging.

Do You Need A Marine Bank Charger?

Anyone who has a lot of accessories on their boat that depend on and drain their boat’s cranking motor should consider a marine on board battery charger. This may include your lights if you spend nights on the water or it could be the radios, fish finders, and other gadgets that boaters often use. The more add ons that you have on your boat, the more you will probably benefit from having a marine 3 bank battery charger.

What to Look For in a 3 Bank Marine Battery Charger

Features to look for may include the battery bank charger being completely waterproof, lightweight and small for easier portability, the ability to trickle charge. You’ll also want to know how easy it is to hook up to your boat’s battery. Other features that may make it desirable is the volts that it produces and how many amps you can get from a single bank.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand what is available and discover what you may find most important is to read through a few three bank marine battery charger reviews. This can give you options and an idea of what you can do with your marine battery charger.

NOCO Genius Gen 3 – Most Popular

Noco Genius 3 Bank Battery Charger ReviewThis 30 amp 3 bank on board charger is completely waterproof. The amp rating means that there are 10 amps for each bank. It can charge and maintain all types of lead acid battery, including the wet, MF, Gel, and AGMs as long as they require 25-230Ah. It will never spark, protects you from reverse battery hookup issues, overheating, open or short circuits, overcurrents and more. It is also faster than traditional battery chargers.

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ProMariner ProSport 20+ Generation 3

Pro Mariner 3 Bank Marine Battery This marine battery charger has only 20 amps of power spread out over its three banks. However, it is prewired and waterproof. It is controlled by a microprocessor and allows you to easily see where you stand thanks to the easy to read LED status indicators. You can also choose from 12, 24, or 36 volt outputs.

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MinnKota MK 330D

Minn Kota Marine Battery ChargeThe MinnKota MK is a three bank, on-board battery charger that provides 10 amps per bank. It is digitally controlled with multi stage charging and automatic temperature compensation. It resists corrosion, even when used often near salt water. It comes with a three year warranty to ensure you are satisfied and that it never lets you down when you need it the most.

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Dual Pro 15 amp Professional Series

Dual Pro 15 3 Bank Marine Battery ChargerThis is the charger that packs a punch according to most reviewers. It is more expensive than others of its kind, but it has three banks that are each able to hold 15 amps. It can work with 12v-36v batteries. To charge it, you simply need to plug it into a 110v outlet and then when it charges to full capacity, it will automatically turn off until further charging is needed. Current Dual Pro Discounts Here⇒

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