Best Marine Power Inverter Reviews

Not everyone has space on their boat for a powerful generator, but that does not mean you don’t want to have a television or a cook stove on board. The problem is, those things require 110 outlets to work and that is not always something that is available on a boat. In this situation, you will want to find a power inverter. Luckily, we have done the legwork to find the best marine power inverter reviews on the web and we are willing to share our insight with you.

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How Does a Power Inverter Work?

Inverters convert DC power like you would typically get from a battery power supply, into a power supply that you can use with a television and other appliances. You would even be able to charge your laptop or your cell phone. You can provide power to anything that requires a plugin outlet. Instead of traditional power, you can run your equipment off of portable inverters, permanent inverters, and inverter chargers that are almost as efficient as a generator.

Why Choose Marine Power Inverters over Auto Power Inverters?

Most marine battery power inverters use either modified sine waves (MSW) or pure sine waves (PSW). The MSW is cost effective while the PSW is able to provide more power at a higher quality. This is why you will find many inverter marine options that are PSWs. A lot of automobile power inverters use MSW so that they are smaller and more portable. They often use a vehicle’s cigarette lighter to give power to small devices. In the marine environment where you want a quality charge or to run a television set, you may prefer to have an inverter hardwired near your battery bank. This will ensure that you can watch TV or charge up your laptop without worry over surges or lost power.

How Much Power Does an Inverter Need?

Most inverters have a power that could be as little as 100W, which is best suited for a laptop or charging a cell phone. Other inverters may be as much as 4,000W, which is more along the lines of what you may need if you are running an electric cook stove or a refrigeration system. In order to discover the amount of power voltage you may need, you have to first figure out what all you hope to provide power for. Then, you will want to shop for inverters that have the right amount, or more, and the surge capability to keep up with a power surge when you first turn the appliance or equipment on.

To give you a better idea of what is available, why not look at the marine inverter reviews below. They are popular choices for other people who choose to search for the best marine inverter.

Rally Marine Grade 500W Power Inverter – Most Popular

Rally Marine Power InverterThis power inverter has 500W continuous power and 1,000W peak. It includes a USB charging port and a map light, as well as two regular outlets. It also features a LED status indicator to let you know when it has power.



ProMariner TruePower 800W Marine Power Inverter

True Power Marine Power Inverter This inverter requires you to hardwire it. It puts out 800W of power continuously, but has a surge rating of 1,600W. It comes with a 2-year warranty. It can power a laptop and your cell phone or other smaller appliances.


Rally Ultra Convenient and Durable Marine Certified 200W Cup Holder Inverter

Marine Cup Holder Power SupplyThis compact inverter gives you two outlets and a USB charging area. It gives you 200W continuous power supply and a surge power supply of 4,300W. There is a LED status indicator and a two-year warranty on it. It is perfect for smaller electronics that are sensitive to power surges.



AIMS Power Pure Sine Inverter – Cleanest Power

Pure Sine Marine Power Inverter OptionThis is a 1,200W pure sine inverter with a transfer switch included. The transfer switch is 10 amps. It has a cooling fan that runs continuously and hardwire terminals for AC input/output. It is a power inverter that is not specifically designed for marine use, but it can be effective in the marine environment.