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Why Use A Marine Battery Monitor?

Have you ever been out on the water and suddenly notice your battery is dead? Better yet, have you ever hauled your boat and trailer to the marina looking forward to a day of fishing just to discover your battery was dead? Either situation can put an immediate

Are Cheap Jet Ski Batteries Reliable?

When your toys require battery power, you do not want something that has a short lifespan; especially when you consider the price of most batteries. When looking at those that are capable of use in the marine environment, you can expect an even higher price and in many

Gel Cell Marine Battery Advantages

When it comes to marine batteries, there are a variety of choices for you to choose from and they all may seem similar, but when you read closer they are drastically different. For instance, gel cell batteries are becoming very popular for boaters. Do you know why? Here are

8D Deep Cycle Batteries Explained

The newest battery style on the market is an 8D battery. Many swear they are the best that you can have while others are still questioning what they really are. Lucky for you, we have done the dirty work. We are going to try and explain what

Smart Battery Box Power Center for Trolling Motor

A battery box protects the battery and all of its connections. It also ensures that none of the battery acid inside can get out (if a battery were to leak). The battery box prevents close contact with fumes that collect near the boat where it may spark. Both of

Why Use a Blue Sea Systems Marine Fuse Block?

A battery fuse block is a set area where all of your electronics can draw the right amount of power without connecting directly to the battery. It ensures that each connection is solid, it will not overheat, and you will never have to worry about sparks or

Marine Power Distribution Block Review

How well your boat performs will depend on several different components; 0ne is the battery that you have powering it. You want the battery capable of handling the marine environment. However, in order to have the best battery setup, you also need the best fuses. Every good fuse

Best Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boat

In order to use your pontoon boat for fishing many use trolling motors, but it isn’t always easy to find a good one for a pontoon boat. That is why we have searched high and low to find the best trolling motor for pontoon boat. Jump To

Optima Battery Charger Review (400 & 1200 12V)

Optima batteries are a very popular choice for marine use. This is why the Optima charger is also popular. It is designed to work most efficiently when charging an optima battery and gives it a longer lifespan in return. The question is whether it works as promised

Marine Wind Generator Reviews

Everyone wants a quality generator for their home and their RV. Very few people consider what a generator could do for their boat. With boats there are even marine wind generators available and they can be beneficial to many boat owners. If you are not sure why you may need