Is Buying A Cheap Marine Battery Worth it?

At one time or another, every boater will have to purchase a battery. At some point during their time shopping around, looking at different types and different prices, they will all ask whether they should go with top of the line or a more value priced battery. Some choose pricy while others choose cheap. Are you curious about whether buying a cheap marine battery worth it? There are pros and cons with each choice, but here is what will make a difference between satisfaction and disappointment.

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Choosing a High End Marine Battery

There are reasons you should choose to spend more on a top of the line marine battery. However, many people simply do not want  or have the money to spend. Some can cost as much as 2, 3, or 4 times the amount of a cheap battery. However, by paying more up front, most people can expect a much longer lifespan. This is a good example of it saving you money in the long run. With that being said, though, even the best battery on the market can come up short if you are not able to take care of it properly. This is because high end does not always mean indestructible.

The Cheap Marine Battery

When choosing cheap marine batteries, you have to go into it with the idea that you are not buying a battery that will last you 10 years. If you get a couple years out of it, you can feel as though you found a true value. It will still require maintenance to give it longevity, but it is possible in some cases to have a cheap battery last longer than most would expect. Cheap batteries can also mean throw-a-way batteries. You cannot purchase a cheap battery and really be surprised when you have to replace it three times as often as you have to replace the top dollar marine batteries on the market, but it does save you from having a huge initial investment on the battery.

Choosing the Middle Ground

Since there is such a broad range in battery prices, many people choose to opt for the middle ground. Those batteries that are not rock bottom cheap, but will not cost them an entire week’s pay, either. This is why people look for a marine battery sale so that they can get top dollar batteries for lower prices. It does take a little time to find marine batteries for sale and sometimes you may not have the time to search. If that is a situation you are in, you may consider one of the top choices for mid-range marine batteries. They are popular because they are longer lasting and more durable than a cheap battery, but not as expensive as the top dollar marine batteries.

Top Choices for Marine Battery Values

Check out these popular, relatively inexpensive batteries. Perhaps you will find the one you have been searching for.

Optima Blue Top


Interstate DCM

Optima Blue Top Value Battery

VMAX Solar AGM Battery


Relatively InexpensiveReliable Ample Power For Most Onwers
750 Cold Cranking AmpsPriced Slightly Over $100Prices Less Than $100
Reserve Capacity 120 MinutesPromises To Work Even When Regularly Depleting Charge Below Recommended LevelsSealed AGM Battery