Optima Deep Cycle Marine Battery Review

If you are in search of a new marine battery, you know there are a lot of options. Discovering which is best may not be an easy task. To help you, why not consider this Optima marine battery review? It is one of the most popular batteries, and with good reason.

Features of the Optima Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Optima Blue Top Marine Battery This marine battery from Optima offers 12 volts and 750 cold cranking amps yet is small enough to be considered easy to handle at only 10”x6 7/8”x 7 13/16” and weighs 43.5 pounds.

It has stainless steel stud posts that are SAE & 5/16”, which means it should work with almost any boat easily.

The Optima Deep Cycle marine battery provides optimal starting power even during extreme weather and it is built to resist vibration to ensure that it lasts you for a very long time.

It makes use of patented Spiralcell technology, which ensures more run time, fast recharging, and durability.

It will never leak or spill, regardless of where you choose to mount it.

Best of all, it has a low rate for self-discharging which means that you will not have to worry if you leave it off the charger for months at a time because you forgot. As long as it has a full charge when taken off the charger, it will hold its charge for quite some time.

Owner Opinions about the Optima Blue Top Marine Battery

Most owners love that you can mount these batteries anywhere and never have to worry about it leaking. They enjoy that it can hold a 12 volt charge even while being used for quite a while. It does not produce any gases or fumes, so it works well even in the cabin of a sailboat. They say that it has more than enough power to handle trolling motors. In fact, this is often the go to battery for trolling motor applications.

The few negative reviews for it include that it was slightly damaged during shipping, but most also state that it was replaced quickly and easily. That is why some people do recommend that you make contact with the company and ask for added packing materials to be with it, especially since the battery manufacturer box is barely big enough to hold the battery inside of it and close up. Read More Owner Review Here⇒Blue Top Optima Marine Battery

Are Optima Batteries Worth It?

As far as whether Optima Marine Batteries are worth it or not, you need only to look at the reviews. Most people who give it less than five stars, do so mostly based on the fact that it was damaged during shipping. In the eyes of most, this is only a minor issue, especially since a replacement battery is easy to get if you need it. Overall, you should consider this battery if you want a dependable, long lasting battery that is able to hold a good, solid charge. This is also a top rated trolling motor battery choice. Current Optima Pricing Here⇒